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3 Onboarding Tips for Your Interns By an Intern

This was my first week at AdAdapted for my internship through SPARK. The week was spent completing onboarding tasks. This is an important week for interns because it sets the mood for the internship. After four internships and multiple training sessions, I have been through many onboardings. Here are some tips to make your interns feel welcome! 1) Meet the Team Have your interns meet who they will be working with. It will feel more comfortable reaching out to specific team members when they need help on special projects. Also, it gives them some friendly faces to interact with during breaks and lunches. Your interns feeling like part of the team willl make them happy to come into work! 2) Check your Branding Give your interns an activity and check your branding. Ditch the 3 hour presentations, and have your interns do a one-pager. This will let your interns be creative and you can test out the message on your social media, website, or promotional materials. Have your interns