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Monday, July 6, 2020

5 Way to Optimize Your Google Ads: for Non-Profits & Startups

5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Ads: for Non-Profits & Startups

By Kayla Henneman

This post is for all the small startups and overworked non-profits. You have made the decision to advertise on Google, but don’t have the time or man power to perfecting it. Here are tips that you can implement today and see results on how to optimize your smart campaigns.

First of all: What is a smart campaign? 

A smart campaign is an ad you set up and then Google does the rest for you. That is why it is important to put in the correct information so the campaign does what you want.

The major benefits of Smart Campaigns are their ability to show off your products/services and attract potential customers. It is easy to set up and make adjustments afterwards. Below are tips on how to optimize your ads to get you results. 

How to Build Credibility & Get Clicks: 

1.) Landing Pages: Choose Wisely

    The landing page is the first impression someone gets of your brand. Most of the time on Google, people are going for quick, quick, quick. Very few people will search your website for the information.
    Be smart, choose the best landing page for what your customers need.

Main Takeaway 1: Don't use your Homepage for all your ads. Use the page that will add the most value for your customer/user.

2.) Match Your Ad Text with Your Landing Page

    Google is trying to see if your ads are legitimate. Again, Google is tests if you are providing value for users.

    If your ad text says, “Best Hiking Spots in Michigan|Explore Now”, but then your web page is about “The Best Surf Spots in California”. Google isn’t going to show your ad because it isn’t taking people where it says it will. 

    If your ad says, "Visit California|Surfing for Days", Google will see your ad as creditable and continue to show it.

Main Takeaway: Match your ad text to your landing page.

3.) Irresistible Ad Text for Your Audience

Think of your target audience and what will make them want to click. Take a look at this example.

Imagine you are a mom who wants to give your kids the best summer camp experience. Which of the two ads would you click on first:

“Summer Camp|Camping Fun|Outdoors”

“New Friends, New Experiences|Summer Camp|Explore the Summer Together”. 

I am sure we can all agree the second ad will capture much more attention than the first. It is everything the mom could want for her child opposed to the first one that is very basic.

Main Takeaway: You're competing for people's attention. Make your ads the best.

4.) Product Description/Business Category=Your Keywords

    This is so important. You cannot pick your keywords in smart campaigns.

    Your product description determines the keywords Google generates for you. Adjusting this will change your keywords to make them more broad or narrow.

    Again, match these to your landing page as best as you can. Google will also use this for a credibility check.

Main Takeaway: If you don't like your keywords, really take a look at this section.

5.) Up Your Budget (If You Are Capping Out)
     If you are capping out on your budget for your ad campaign, increase your spending.

    Hitting the top of your budget means that your ads are winning bids and being seen. If you do not increase your budget, you will lose out on being seen.

    Therefore, increased money, increased exposure.

    *This is only if you are using up all or close to all of your budget every week* If your budget isn't even hitting half of your spend, trying using one of the other tips from above first.

Main Takeaway: If you are using all or most of your ad budget, increase your campaign budget.

Go through this list, every week to work on your Google Ad Optimization. I recommend changing one thing at a time to see what impact - if any - that it has on your clicks, impressions, or keywords.


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