Starting out on Social Media: Content Calendar

Companies who are starting social media have trouble with creating consistency and a strategy. Social media is not just putting up random pictures and text and hoping someone likes or comments. Everything has to be planned to be put in line with your marketing/sales strategy. Keep your company organized and within your strategy by creating a content calendar. 
Why Make One? Reach GoalsPlan AheadPost ConsistentlyLess MistakesFollow Through with Social StrategiesTrack What WorksHow To Do It?Before I move on to further steps, I need to stress the importance of communication with your team. Everything your company does should serve a purpose and be on brand. These following steps will only work if you work together with your team.Establish Goals/KPIsEverything should have a purpose. What are you trying to achieve with your social media? Inbound leads? Website visits? Increased followers? How will you measure these goals? Once you answer these questions, you can come up with strategies and …

Founder's Does It Right: A Very COVID Story

The past two weeks I have been apartment hunting with my best friend out in Grand Rapids. 
In the middle of all-day apartment hunting, we went out to eat at Founders because Grand Rapids is  Beer City. My friend says,"As a future Grand Rapids resident, I need to go there at least once".
I was blown away with their extensive and original COVID procedures. Hospitality/Food and Beverage companies should take notes from Founders on how to keep their employees and customers safe. 

One-Way Isles:
This is such a simple task that means a lot. We walked up to the restaurant, and the first thing that we are greeted with are two isle ways. One to enter the building, one to exit. This is important because it regulates the flow of traffic. There will be less congestion spots and will help with distancing guests.  
How this helps: It regulates the traffic pattern to keep guests from running into each other causingunnecessary touch points.  
Buffer Table:
This is my favorite part about my Founder…

Why I Decided To Move

For those who do not know me, my name is Kayla, and I am moving to Grand Rapids! I am very excited about this decision, but I wasn't always. This post is how I went about my choice. 
To start, I have spent my last four years in going to school at Eastern Michigan University. Before that I spent 1st through 12th grade at Trenton Public Schools. I have always lived in Southeastern Michigan. 
I moved out to Ypsilanti two years ago with my two wonderful roommates. In January of 2020, I knew I was graduating in April and my lease ended in August. I had to figure out my next step.

I always talked about getting out of Ypsilanti once I graduated. I didn't want to be in this town anymore. Not that there was anything wrong, but I always wanted to travel and move out of the state. 
I looked up jobs in different states. I was making a list of cities I wanted to visit. The future seemed so bright.

Then COVID happened. 
My spirits plummeted with the job market. I planned on staying in Ypsilanti. 

Hashtag Tips for Companies Starting a Social Media Strategy

Hashtag Tips for Companies Starting a Social Media Strategy

Keep them Short
You want your hashtags to be short and memorable. Longer hashtags are hard to read, so try to stay away from them. 
Have Public accounts
If your social pages are private, users will not be able to find your posts online. On private accounts only your followers or friends can see your posts. Main Message: Turn your accounts public. 
Relevant and specific
Keep your hashtags related to what you are talking about. Do not spiral into 20 hashtags on a post because it starts to get irrelevant and "spammy"
Iliza Shlesinger, my favorite comedian ever, talks about overused hashtags on Instagram. If you haven't seen it check it out here. It is SO funny. Skip in 8 seconds, you will not be sorry. 😉 

Be Seen
Hashtags put you in the public eye. New users will be able to find your brand easier. You could use hashtags to gain new followers.
Add To Your Brand
Use hashtags as a branding to…

Start-Ups: Why Should I Blog?

Why Blog Posts Are Worth It
When it comes to startups and non-profits, some people are 100% onboard with blogging or 100% against it. Blogging does take a good amount of time and energy.  
I am hear to tell you why it is worth the investment. 

5 Way to Optimize Your Google Ads: for Non-Profits & Startups

5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Ads: for Non-Profits & StartupsBy Kayla Henneman
This post is for all the small startups and overworked non-profits. You have made the decision to advertise on Google, but don’t have the time or man power to perfecting it. Here are tips that you can implement today and see results on how to optimize your smart campaigns.

First of all: What is a smart campaign? 
A smart campaign is an ad you set up and then Google does the rest for you. That is why it is important to put in the correct information so the campaign does what you want.
The major benefits of Smart Campaigns are their ability to show off your products/services and attract potential customers. It is easy to set up and make adjustments afterwards. Below are tips on how to optimize your ads to get you results. 
How to Build Credibility & Get Clicks: 
1.) Landing Pages: Choose Wisely
The landing page is the first impression someone gets of your brand. Most of the time on Google, people are goin…

3 Onboarding Tips for Your Interns By an Intern

This was my first week at AdAdapted for my internship through SPARK. The week was spent completing onboarding tasks. This is an important week for interns because it sets the mood for the internship. After four internships and multiple training sessions, I have been through many onboardings. Here are some tips to make your interns feel welcome! 1) Meet the Team Have your interns meet who they will be working with. It will feel more comfortable reaching out to specific team members when they need help on special projects. Also, it gives them some friendly faces to interact with during breaks and lunches. Your interns feeling like part of the team willl make them happy to come into work!

2) Check your Branding Give your interns an activity and check your branding. Ditch the 3 hour presentations, and have your interns do a one-pager.

This will let your interns be creative and you can test out the message on your social media, website, or promotional materials. Have your interns present th…