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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Founder's Does It Right: A Very COVID Story

The past two weeks I have been apartment hunting with my best friend out in Grand Rapids. 

In the middle of all-day apartment hunting, we went out to eat at Founders because Grand Rapids is  Beer City. My friend says,"As a future Grand Rapids resident, I need to go there at least once".

I was blown away with their extensive and original COVID procedures. Hospitality/Food and Beverage companies should take notes from Founders on how to keep their employees and customers safe. 

One-Way Isles:

This is such a simple task that means a lot. We walked up to the restaurant, and the first thing that we are greeted with are two isle ways. One to enter the building, one to exit. This is important because it regulates the flow of traffic. There will be less congestion spots and will help with distancing guests.  

         How this helps: It regulates the traffic pattern to keep guests from running into each other causing unnecessary touch points.  

Buffer Table:

This is my favorite part about my Founders experience!! We got sat at a double table. Two square tables were pushed together. 

The point of the tables are that you sit at one side, and your server can put your drinks and food on the other. This is to keep social distancing from your server at all times. 

How this helps: Keeps servers and guests safe by keeping a minimum of 4 feet between each other at all times.

Scheduled Bathroom Cleaning:

At the beginning of the meal, our host informed us that the bathrooms were cleaned for the first ten minutes of every hour. As I guest, I appreciate this even without COVID. It just shows your guests that you are making an extra effort to keep things sanitary. 

How this helps: Keeps an unsanitary place sanitary. 

Sanitation Stations.. Everywhere:

Hand sanitizing stations were at all the stop points at Founders. By the bar, host stand, on the way to the bathrooms. 

This effort is protection for your employees and guests. The CDC recommends to wash your hands frequently. Multiple sanitation stations keep everyone safer. 

How this helps: Keep your guests safe by putting sanitation stations in areas that your guests will pass. 

Distanced tables, Removed tables:

A lot of restaurants reorganized their floor plan, some have blocked out tables. What I loved about Founders is that they took out tables and distanced them over 6 feet. There is no question that I am far enough away from other tables and I know for sure they are not going over capacity. 

How this helps: Your guests are socially distanced by their tables, there will be no accidental seating too close to another. They are sticking to the proper capacity. 

Masks On. One Warning Period:

Warnings with masks. Businesses are getting tired of having to constantly remind guests to keep their face masks on when not at their table. Founders created a rule to nip this in the bud: One warning. 

Once one person reminds you to keep your mask on when leaving your table. If they have to tell you twice, you are out. I love this rule because it shows that Founders cares about the safety of their employees, along with their guests who follow the rules.

How this helps: Keeps your guests and staff safe. If someone does not wear their mask in the proper places, these safety procedures do not matter.

So Where Does That Leave Us?

Of course, each restaurant can adjust to COVID however they want. The reason I wrote this about Founders is because they not only "adjusted", but they are making the extra efforts to make their guests AND employees safe. They are protecting. This is a new factor that people will find important from their restaurant/hospitality brands.

What brands are protecting their employees and guests? What other procedures have you seen? 


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