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Monday, July 27, 2020

Hashtag Tips for Companies Starting a Social Media Strategy

Hashtag Tips for Companies Starting a Social Media Strategy


Keep them Short

You want your hashtags to be short and memorable. Longer hashtags are hard to read, so try to stay away from them. 

Have Public accounts

If your social pages are private, users will not be able to find your posts online. On private accounts only your followers or friends can see your posts. Main Message: Turn your accounts public. 

Relevant and specific

Keep your hashtags related to what you are talking about. Do not spiral into 20 hashtags on a post because it starts to get irrelevant and "spammy"

Iliza Shlesinger, my favorite comedian ever, talks about overused hashtags on Instagram. If you haven't seen it check it out here. It is SO funny. Skip in 8 seconds, you will not be sorry. 😉 


Be Seen

Hashtags put you in the public eye. New users will be able to find your brand easier. You could use hashtags to gain new followers.

Add To Your Brand

Use hashtags as a branding tool. Hashtags can be added on your posts to bring awareness to promotions or sweepstakes. 

Join the Conversation

Find what others are saying by tracking and using hashtags. Recently, brands have been using #BLM and #blacklivesmatter to be involved in the conversation and show support. This can be less controversial and industry specific (i.e. wedding industry #lovewins).


Yes. You can have too many hashtags. Some platforms will see your multiple hashtags as spam and not promote your posts. 

It is important to know how many is too many. 


Try Out a Few

First thing to try is going to the search bar on any platform and search to find industry specific hashtags. check out posts and see what hashtags are being used together. 

I highly recommend Instagram. By typing in #(insert whatever here), Instagram shows you which hashtags are commonly used. 

Search What Industry Leaders and Competitors Are Doing

Check out what your competitors and industry leaders are doing. What do you like? Dislike? How are their interactions with different hashtags? These are the questions to ask. Then try things out and experiment. 

Look From Your Past

Data doesn't lie. Your highest performing posts went well for a reason. Look back on those to try to replicate and expand on what you are doing right!


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